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OfficeManager description

   OfficeManager is a perfect solution for office data organization. OfficeManager is one of the best and the most popular database management programs on the market. Its intuitive user interface is ideal for both the novice and expert PC user.
   OfficeManager has many powerful features, including advanced searching, sorting, adding all contacts of agents with companies, analysis information, all represented in easy-to-use forms and reports.

   OfficeManager is a powerful database tool designed to maintain records and enable you to quickly search and find data. See below for a list of the main features of OfficeManager.

Main OfficeManager features:

  • Maintain information on companies and agents (your employees)
  • Keep information on types of activity
  • Advanced searching for companies and agents
  • Fixing all contacts with companies
  • Setting period of the contract with the company
  • Notification of special dates or events
  • Notification of birthdays of important individuals
  • Reliable reports
   Please take a look at the software and let us know your feedback. If you have any questions about the software or suggestions as to how we can improve it, please send us a message at

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